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Water Quality

As local providers plan for the future, they understand that drinking water must meet quality standards as set out by law before any other factors are considered. From the customer standpoint, the relevant measure of quality is that of "finished water," since most water undergoes some type of treatment between the source and the tap.

There are currently several jurisdictions across the state of Oregon who already utilize the Willamette River to meet their community drinking water needs.  The City of Corvallis, Oregon along with the City of Wilsonville currently draw water from the Willamette River.

The City of Wilsonville has built a state of the art Water Treatment Plant, which treats water drawn from the Willamette River to supply its residents with drinking water. Since this facility has come online, Wilsonville has placed its wells into a standby or back-up only mode. The facility plans to expand further during the 2012-2013 time frame.

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