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Ownership & Control

As providers plan for future demand, they enter into contractual relationships with the entities that own the water rights to those sources. They must seek to find an arrangement that will be agreeable to both parties. As demand for water grows in our region, many (if not all) of the owners of those water rights will face demand for their water that exceeds their supply. Not all contracts will necessarily be renewed in the future, and many — if they are renewed — will bring higher prices and/or lower volumes of water.

WRWC offers its members an opportunity to "own" a water source. Participating providers will have priority access to this water source in the future, should they need it. Furthermore, when an entity has some form of ownership of a water right, such as the Willamette water right that belongs to the members of WRWC, those entities are not solely dependent upon the priorities and decisions of another government body or agency. Ownership provides some control and predictability for entities who may not be able to contribute to the decision-making process of an outside party.

With demand for water forecast to grow dramatically in our region, it is very desirable that local providers have direct access to a water source to offset the risk and cost of relying solely on outside sources.


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