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Diversity of Water Sources

As providers work to meet growing demand for water, they are engaged in a process of finding the right mix of water sources and contractual arrangments to meet their customer's needs while keeping the price of water reasonable.

This is a complex task, and the more options that are available to providers, the better they are able to meet the needs of their customers.

We are fortunate in the Willamette Valley to have a number of water sources available to our cities, including the Bull Run watershed, wellfields near the Columbia River and Hagg Lake/Tualatin River, the Clackamas River and the Willamette River. The combination of the Water Treatment Plant at Wilsonville and the preservation by WRWC of water rights on the Willamette River makes the Willamette a viable water source for its members.

WRWC members believe that there is a substantial value in having a diversity of water sources available to their customers. Having a variety of water supply sources available to jurisdictions is imperative in ensuring that any potential interruption of service is minimized. For example, should there be a unforeseen event, such as a natural disaster, resulting in an interruption of a jurisdiction's primary water source supply, that jurisdiction would be able to continue to provide water to customers via a back-up or secondary water supply source.

Having an additional viable water source helps all of the members create better plans for meeting future demand.

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